When you’re advising someone younger than you.

Be it your child or somebody else’s.

If it ever feels like you’re talking to yourself.

There’s a reason for that.

It’s because you are.


Think about it…

You are, to one degree or another, seeing that person as a younger version of you.



Yet, at the same time, faced with amazing opportunity every day.

And still they are drawn to the wrong things and the wrong people.

Making the same mistakes you made.

And sometimes.

When you look at them.

And all the daft things they do.

You do see a little you.


The puzzle, of course, is how you help them.

Because 20 or 40 years ago there was an older person looking at you.

Thinking and saying similar things.

To you.

And you know what you thought of them.


So there you go.

These little people.

They are you.

Just younger.

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