I wrote a short story in 2019, on my 50odd blog, about alcohol.

The story was a wry-smile. I talked about how alcohol cleverly wheedles its way into my life. Seducing. My words danced as they smilingly narrated my thoughts.

But here’s the thing…

Right now, in 2023, 1,200 stories in on the 50odd blog, the most affecting writing on the entire blog is not by me at all.

It’s by Mark.

Mark commented on my story about alcohol. You should read his comment. It takes seconds.

Because even though its hard to read. And even though I can smell and taste it as I read it. The comment showed me that my understanding of alcoholism was, and still is, zero.

And it also reminded me that the most powerful writing of all is raw, unguarded and real.

Mark’s comment is at the bottom of the page: https://www.50odd.co.uk/alcohol/.

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