Always Wear Red.

My clothing brand.

Is making The Best Hand Knits in the World.

But I want to achieve much more than that.

I want to change your life.

What Always Wear Red is Really About.

Our slogan is, ‘For The Rest of Your Life.’

(Our hand knits last decades).

But I’m also encouraging you to take actual rest.

We’re hand knits that hug you.

Self-care you wear.

For your downtime.

We’re your Permission to Pause.

Because the times you do nothing – mean everything.


We not only know what we do.

(The hand knitting bit).

We know what we are for, too.

We’re for ‘You Time’.

I want people that buy Always Wear Red.

To wear Always Wear Red.

And when they wear Always Wear Red I want them to be reminded to rest.

Phone off.

So they re-energise.

And recharge.

So when they go back to doing.

They do the best work of their lives.

Because ‘You Time’ should not be that thing you try to squash into your life.

‘You Time’ IS your life.

And everything else should fit around that.

You Time.

So stop living life the wrong way round.

Try it.

In this life.

Try making ‘You Time’ the focus.

Put ‘You Time’ – first.

And if you don’t like it.

You can switch back to squashing ‘You Time’ into what you think your actual life is, in your next life OK?


‘Sounds like a plan.

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