The cheeky LinkedIn AI thing asked me:

‘How to choose the right tone for copywriting for different industries…’ I said this:

Hmm; I think the most common mistake (some) copywriters make is forgetting that we’re just talking to people. All industries are the same, really. Our copy should be palatable. Digestible. Enticing and pleasant to consume. Well paced and understandable.

We attract and keep people engaged by being interesting don’t we? In any industry. Sorry this sounds obvious. But lots of copy I see is just selling, jargon, in a ‘posh voice’, all about me and – well – just boring.

Honestly, when pondering ‘copywriting tone’ I’d start with reminding yourself what you enjoy reading. And write like that. It’s more nuanced of course. I just think that we forget the above.

You cook what you like eating. So write what you like reading.

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