It’s annoying that there is no such thing as a perfectly delivered brand, at every utterance and touchpoint. Nevertheless, we must aways try.

Brand Strategy is the place to start. This is working out how to get them to think about you in the way you want them to think about you.

(Getting them = Strategy. Them = Market(s). Think about you = Brand).

Everybody in the business has a job to do with the delivery of Brand Strategy. But as they’re individuals, the fundamental requirements of a perfectly delivered brand (one aligned voice/purpose, simplicity, precision, consistent message, tone and behaviour…) can never be, well, perfect.

And I think acknowledging this and accepting there will always be conflict and maverick interpretation and behaviour to manage in delivery is best for everyone. To minimise frustrations. And anyway, so long as you get things 80% right, it’s normally OK.

Yes it’s a bugger that you can have a perfectly defined brand, but never a perfectly delivered one. But that’s just the way it is.

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