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50odd.co.uk is everyday stories.

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Some of the 10,000(ish) people that have read 50odd each day.

Ask me things.

For example.

They ask me how I write.

And here’s what I say.

From a pseudo-technical perspective.

7 Points.

When I write.

(As I discovered when I asked myself the question).

I write with 7 things in mind.

  1. Confidence. When my confidence is high, this is the most powerful trigger for the creation of fluid, higher quality stories. State of mind. Is key.
  2. Not sandwiched. I write best when I am not sandwiching my writing time too tightly between additional tasks. The little stories need space.
  3. One thing. One story should be about one thing. So when a reader is asked what the story was about. They immediately know what to say.
  4. Top and tail. Tell them what you are telling them at the beginning. Then tell them what you just told them. Again. At the end.
  5. Find your unique voice. This will take time. But once you find it. Be conscious of what it is. And stick to it.
  6. Write less. Write a story. Then edit it to half the length.
  7. Write for you(ish). At least 80% of every part of your content should be for you. And the remaining little bit is born from a consideration of. And a nod to. Your audience.

That’s it.

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