I could tell you everything I know about writing.

Everything I’ve learned about writing.

In this last two years of writing 50odd every single day.

And I could tell you everything I feel when I’m writing.

And you still wouldn’t write like me.

Me and You.

That’s not because I am better at writing than you necessarily.

You’re probably better than me.

It is because I am different to you.

I’m me.

And you’re you.


So if you want to write.


You can search my 50odd blog for the odd thing I’ve scribbled about how I write, I suppose.

This for example:


And it might help you.

But what a shame it would be if you didn’t write.

When you have so much to say.

1000 Months. 

1000 months.

That’s all you get.

Then you’re gone.

So if you think people like me.

Will get something.


From reading about people like you.


If for no other reason than you might help someone to tell their story.

Like I’m encouraging you to tell yours.

We storytellers have to stick together, don’t you know.

Let me know when you get cracking.

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