I may spend an hour or more writing just one 50odd story.

A story devoured by the reader in 30 seconds.

But I want it to be right.


And even more extreme.

I suppose.

Is when I write for clients.

Because I blend the best of their brand.

With that which is most magnetic for the target.

Presented then so the words I create are seen as their words.

Not my words.

And in such a way that the target finds them irresistible.

And that takes me time.


An hour on one sentences is not unusual.

As I focus.

And concentrate.

And all that effort can feel disproportionate to me.

Unfair, even.

Until I compare what I do to what Mari Samuelsen does, of course.


I craft words with precision.

Whether I write for me.

Or you.

But I have the luxury of the zig.

And the zag.

And the pause.

And the reread.

Mari does not.

Mari has to get everything right first time.

World Class.

So the next time you feel frustrated or tired.

Because of the demands that the desire to be truly World Class put on you.

Watch this.

And imagine for a second.

That you applied as much focus on being truly World Class in your world.

As Mari does in hers.

And then.

If you’re anything like me.

Go back and start again.



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