Here’s a new word for you.


It’s short for Wishful Bullshit.


You’ll recognise Wullshit when I explain what it is.

It’ll feel familiar.

And it may even bring a smile to your face as it sidles up beside you once again.

And gives you a cuddle.

Wullshit is the Wishful Bullshit that punctuates unrealistic and/or fictitious business objectives that some brand and marketing consultants set for brands.

Wullshit very often includes words like ‘disruptive’ and ‘transformational’.

When calmer (and more realistic) descriptors such as ‘reinforcing’ or ‘reassuring’ would be better, more manageable and more achievable.

And all of this is Wullshit is then framed within a ‘vision’ when the word ‘objective’ would have done the job perfectly well.

That’s Wullshit, too.

So there you go.

A new word for you to shout out at meetings.

Or at the very least mumble under your breath.

For when people like me start randomly Wullshitting.

In isolation from a sensible, simple, clear and common sense plan.

You’re welcome.

Adapted from a passage in the excellent ‘How Not To Plan’ by Sarah Carter and Les Binet.

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