I can present a good case that the more you know how to do a thing ‘well’ – the worse you can get at it.

I am defining ‘well’ as more technologically advanced.

Or more polished.

Or more expert.

Or more experienced.

Or ‘cleverer’.

Willy Wonka.

I watched Jonny Depp being Willy Wonka recently.

Yeah; he was OK. (I’m being kind there).

But he’s no Gene Wilder.

That mad-eyed, unpredictable force that just makes me light up as I think about him.

His mischief is just amazing.

It’s a Wonderful Life

Can you imagine if someone decided to remake Frank Capra’s ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’?

You know what – it does not even register with me as an idea.

It cannot be done.




Because cameras are better (or some other technological somethingorother).

Err, no.


And I am not being sentimental.

I am talking about unique moments in time that were brilliant then because they happened then.

And because they could only have happened then.


And I am also taking about things that we all have – now – and that we always have had.

Things that the passing of time does not touch.

In fact, the passing of time can actually kill them.





Shit; to lose any of them is frightening for me.

We – and our children – NEED these things.

A world without them? Replaced by steely technological cleverness and formulaic approaches?

Now that does give me the willies.

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