Simon Sinek talks about it doesn’t he? 

Finding your ‘why?’

And today I am talking about it because I just launched a 150 second long film that I made with a friend of mine, Dan Prince – and it’s about this subject.

It’s a film about Simon Bourne. He wants to change the way people buy shoes.

And Julia Austin. Julia believes that the only way to get amazing beer is to get amazing ingredients. “It’s what’s inside that counts”, she says.

It’s about Nick Birss too. A guy that learned about coffee the Australian way. He then brought his learning back to the North of England. He believes his way is best.

And the film is about me. I believe that if you wear amazing you feel amazing, and that if you feel amazing you do amazing. I, and Always Wear Red, are Creating Confidence.


The film captures the beginning of our days. I wanted that because that’s when you feel the magic of purpose most.

Or… it’s where you unfortunately don’t feel it.

If you are reading this and it is the beginning of your day – I really hope you’re feel it.

Your ‘why’.

Because if you have a why – a purpose – you matter more and will last longer.

People like David Hieatt and Carlo Navato taught me that. They’re amazing. Just like Julia, Nick and Simon.

Please watch the film. It’s at if you’re reading this in your email alert.

Meet us.

Have a great day.



  1. (that was a Thumbs Up … looks like it didn’t get thru’ the ether though … So, “Thumbs Up!”)

  2. Keep doing what you love brother. And keep encouraging others to do it too. And that includes me.

    Thanks for the confidence. I might not be wearing red (not often now actually), but I now proudly carry it with me always.

    The summer of 2018. It wasn’t just the weather that was glorious.

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