In 2019, I know a question that you will be asked many times.

The more gregarious you are, the more you will be asked it.

It is:

Who are you?

Now, I have one more question to ask – right now – about this.

It is:

Who will you allow to create the answer to this question at the beginning of 2019?

Other people?

Or will you do it?

And if you are going to do it, what will the answer be?


I’m Michael Owen. Dad, husband and businessman.

I’m Designer and Founder at Always Wear Red. AWR is the clothing brand focused on giving people the edge. AWR makes people feel amazing! We change people. Because I believe when people feel amazing… they do amazing. 

I am privileged to a Founder of angelfysh, too. angelfysh is a team of proven business consultants working at board level to energise businesses to become purpose-driven brands that matter more and last longer.

Oh, and I write the 50odd blog. 3,650 diary entries. 1 each day. For 10 years.

Over to you.

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