People can pinpoint which part of  my work is most important to me. And I can pinpoint which part of another person’s work is most important to them. By where their eyebrows are.

When I say the following, I’m looking you in the eye, and my eyebrows are forced way down:

“Most marketing activity is cloned activity. So over 90% goes unnoticed. Which means I can’t form an opinion on you. Which means I have no idea whether I should buy you. Marketing should be differentiated and consistent at a content level. And bravely distinctive at a delivery level. If it isn’t, save your money. Don’t fucking bother.”

This is not the whole story. But it is very important to me that people know what I think, what needs to be done, and precisely how I can fix things. And I can fix things.

Eyebrows though. They’re important. Check them out. Your own and other people’s. Because when they’re forced down, that’s what’s important to you. That’s where the magic is. That’s where you’ll find your brand.

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