I was asked to chat on a podcast this week.

Called ‘INBOX’.

A dozen speakers from around the world.

Chatted about email marketing.


I was billed as a storyteller.

Which is good for me.

Because I do like a good story.

What’s going on?

One of the reasons I was asked.

(So I am told).

Is because I have a knack for finding stories and writing compellingly.

For myself and for my clients at www.mychael.co.uk.

So that a loyal readership develops.

A Question.

And it is because of this observation.

That I asked myself a question.

I asked myself:

What’s going on?

When I am writing.

What am I actually thinking?

Four Observations.

Here is how I answered.

And I included these answers as part of the podcast itself.

I made four observations.


I am not writing so that I can sell to you.

I am writing so that you can work out if I am the kind of person you want to buy from.


I write for the love of writing.

To see if I can find stories that matter.

And tell them well.


Writing is like loving.

The relationship builds.

It is built on trust.

Shared memories develop.

We have ups and downs.

And things take time to bloom.”


There should be a voyeuristic aspect to what I write.

When you read, you should feel like a (welcome) voyeur.

Not a prospect.

So there you go.

That’s what’s going on.

When I am writing.

For myself and for my clients.

That is what I am actually thinking.

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