I hope that most of my (so far) 800(ish) daily stories.

Here on 50odd.

Are useful.

Or interesting.

Or both.

And assuming that they are.

Then this one may be an exception.

Because even though the theme of this little story is ‘time’.

It’s a waste of time, really.

It’s a little video that wastes about nine and a half minutes of your time.

But you know what?

That’s OK.

Because sometimes you can do something that doesn’t have to be for something.

So let’s do it.

What Time Is It?


So here’s the question.

If the hour hand and the minute hand on a standard clock face were identical.

In that they were both exactly the same length.

In that they looked the same in every way in fact.

Can you always tell the time?

Have a ponder.

In your mind, I mean.

Then take a look at this nine and a half minute video to find out: https://www.50odd.co.uk/what-time-is-it/.

If a clock has the same size hour and minute hands, can you always tell the time?


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