Most email newsletters are shite.

They chest beat.

They tell us about things that matter to the sender.

Not to the reader.

They’re really, really boring.

They don’t make our lives better.

And they remain 80-90% unread.

What is it?

The reason most email newsletters are shite.

Is because most email newsletters don’t know what they are.

They know they are a newsletter.

And that’s it.

There’s no thought beyond that.

Your E-newsletter.


If you do an e-newsletter.

Ask yourself a really important question.

What is it?


DOWNTIME is the Always Wear Red newsletter.

It’s readable end-to-end in 60 seconds.

And it knows what it is.

It is:

Things To Do When You Are Doing Nothing.

Which means it encourages you to take a little downtime.

(Each story tells you how much downtime, actually).

To reenergise.


And recharge.

So when you return to working.

You do your best work.

That’s it.

What They Say.

Here’s what people say when they email me about Always Wear Red’s DOWNTIME:

Hey you
Great newsletter as always
Playing MK – brilliant album
Hope you’re well

We don’t know each other .
I just wanted to say I like reading – it makes me think and reflect on lots of things.
So thanks.
Hey Michael
Perfect timing for me to receive this.
I needed that!


DOWNTIME is sent twice each week.

Friday at 12pm.

Sunday at 8am.

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