So what do you buy a copywriter for Christmas?

There’s this invaluable, invisible tool called an Attention-ometer.

It senses how the ‘attention’ of the reader rises and falls throughout the writing.

As a general rule, attention should rise sharply and quickly at the start. Thereafter, attention ebbs and flows. Calm preparatory moments. Sharp peaks. Sentences that build to arresting mini-explosions. (They make you think). And a blisteringly memorable, attention-peaking crescendo.

An Attention-ometer  is controlled by the instincts and intuition of the writer. No batteries.

And even though I made it up, and you can’t get one from Amazon, if you want to drive a reader through your words, to the end, great copywriters do need an Attention-ometer.

You could ask Father Christmas for one if you (or someone you know) would like one. But the best copywriters have one already. You know who they are.

Merry Christmas.

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