I appeared on the BBC website last week.

On the subject of Working From Home.

Not because the BBC are particularly interested in what I think on the subject.

But because I was part of a photoshoot.

2 years ago.

And a photo of me.

Working from home with my dog Frank on my knee.

Has ended up in the Getty photo library that the BBC use.


Take a look: https://www.50odd.co.uk/wfh/.

Working From Home. 

That said.

I do of course have a view on working from home.

As I’ve been doing it (on and off) for years.


I’d predict that many people.

And many businesses.

In 2021 and beyond.

Will continue to work remotely.

Maybe not entirely.

But certainly in part.

Laptop Musical Chairs. 

It’s because I have always scratched my head a little bit.

With ‘Laptop Musical Chairs’.

The game that lots of us play each day.

Getting up at 6am.

Picking up our laptops and leaving the house at 7am.

Arriving at work and opening up our laptops at 8am.

Only to pick up the very same laptop.

On the very same day.

At 6pm.

To take it back home and open it up for another quick tippy-tap at around 9pm.

Then pack it away as we go to bed at 11pm.

Before it all starts again the following day.

‘Laptop Musical Chairs’.

Strange game.

5 Things. 


5 things to remember when working from home.

(Notes to self).

  1. Get up. Get dressed. Be at my desk for 7am.
  2. Stay away from the fridge!
  3. Take the dogs out for half an hour.  Twice a day.
  4. Have a 30 minute snooze if you want.
  5. Do a 30 minute exercise thing, every day.

Good luck.

(Another note to self).

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