If a man lives for 1,000 months, he will die aged 83 years. That’s about 3 years longer than the UK average in 2017.


600 Months.

I launched 50odd when I had reached 600 months. That’s 50 years.

When I was in my 20’s, I imagined 50 meant ‘nearly dead’. It certainly meant ‘slower’.  And (I imagined) a continual forensic calculation and of what one had accumulated. Pondering whether it was in fact enough to ‘see me through’ to – whatever. Retirement. Death. Or worse still – cruises.

I now see this kind of stocktaking as quite boring. And pointless.

But more than that, a bit selfish, too.

We live in a world where 50% of everything is owned by 1% of everyone. By some calculations, if this wealth was redistributed then even at the current rate of population growth, no one in the world would go hungry for over 500 years.

9 million people will die of hunger in 2018.


Anyhow, all that jolliness aside, I’ve decided to see what I can achieve whilst 50odd.

I’ve prepared already. I’ve started a business with a purpose and I have a baby to inspire every single day.

I’ll let you know how my 1,200 months go. The ups. The downs. The everything.

So if you’re a 50odd year old guy, or if you plan to be one day, or if you used to be one and want to measure what a mess I  make against what a mess you made, stick around.

I start my journey today.


  1. “If a man lives for 1,000 months, he will die aged 83 years. That’s about 3 years longer than the UK average in 2017.”. That’s a powerful statement, right there.

    Michael — When we break down our life into these statistics, it makes you wake up and realise how valuable every day is!

    I’m looking forward to following your journey (and, I dare say, being inspired to take some action!).

    Good luck!

    • Today’s little story may help you or indeed anyone to do something they are considering Richard. The advice is from Izobel. I’ll tell her you’re reading. Michael.

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