I am wasting less time than I used to.

On crapness.

Because I’ve started wearing a watch.


It sounds silly I know.

And it sounds like I have very poor self control.

(I do have very poor self control with many things, actually).

But this watch thing is real.

And it’s probably real for you, too.



Each time I pick up my IPhone to see what time it is.

I have alerts.

On the screen.





The BBC website.

And goodness knows what else.

And this ‘aren’t I popular?‘ dopamine hit means I forget that I looked at my phone to see what the time was.

Because I get sucked into reading the crap.

And 10 minutes later.

I’m reading about someone I don’t really know.

Chest-beating about winning something I’ve never really heard of.

And that’s another 10 minutes of my life.

Gone forever.


So there’s a thing.

If you want more time to do worthwhile things.

Get a watch.

Who knew?

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