People talk about moving outside of their ‘Comfort Zone’ don’t they?

And the implication of this precise label is that, on the outside, it’s ‘uncomfortable’.

Maybe that’s why so many people are waiting to take the step. Instead of actually doing it.


In reality, I don’t think this ‘Comfort Zone’ label is accurate.

The world outside your ‘Comfort Zone’ can be exciting, fun, crazy, productive and wow!

As well as a bit worrying and disconcerting from time to time of course.

But my point is, it’s not always uncomfortable.


A better name for a ‘Comfort Zone’, I think, is ‘Habit Zone’.

A habit, according to the marvellous Steven Covey is always the combination of three things:

  1. What to do
  2. How to do
  3. Want to do

When all three are present, it results in things that you just, well, do.

With new things, one or more of these three are missing. So we need to learn or get what’s missing in order for the new thing to happen.

In order to move from ‘waiting’ to ‘doing’.


Anyhow, in summary, the real reason I think that ‘Habit Zone’ is a better name than ‘Comfort Zone’ is because I feel more comfortable about moving to a new place that is ‘not a habit’ than ‘not comfortable’.

So now we recognise that new things are not necessarily uncomfortable at all – why wait?

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