I was 21 when this song was released.

In 1989.

30 years ago.

Utterly ridiculous.

30 bloody years ago.



Here are two of the most distinctive and lovely voices to appear together on one song.

Roland Orzabal and Oleta Adams.

Woman in Chains was also written by (full name) Roland Jaime Orzabal de la Quintana.

Crazy name.

Lovely song.


In 1985, Oleta Adams was discovered by Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith while she was performing in a hotel bar in Kansas City, Missouri.

While Tears for Fears were on a US tour there.

Two years later, they invited her to join their band as a singer and pianist on The Seeds of Love.

Here’s the super tune (and cheesy video): https://www.50odd.co.uk/voices-2/.


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