A friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, once had a wee in a maze.

Harmless enough I suppose. And a bit funny.

He felt safe weeing there because of the perfect storm of being hidden away, undisturbed and – if he had been caught – having the perfect excuse.

Well; I couldn’t get out could I?


I wonder how different my behaviour is when I am sure I won’t be seen or ‘caught’?

Don’t get me wrong… I am not about to admit to anything horrid.

Because there is nothing horrid to admit.

But I wonder if anyone, even the most lovely, behave exactly the same wherever they are?

Whatever they are doing.

Whomever they are with.


And what about you?

Weeing in the shower?

That’s a test we can all take part in.

Yes or no?

Answers in the comments (I won’t hold my breath…)

P.S. I’m a ‘yes’.

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