Is it possible to be too good at something?

As I get older I become increasingly experienced. That’s a given. And sometimes, should I apply myself, I become increasingly expert too.

It’s the same for you.

Well; I have a theory that we can become so good at something that we’re not very good at it any more.

This might be because we get bored of it so don’t get into the detail as much. Perhaps we over think or over analyse, stemming from all that accrued cleverness. So we don’t move with the speed, precision and care we once did.

Knowledge can bog you down.


At the moment I am missing some really basic things in my business and probably in my life as well. This is causing problems with momentum and simplicity.

I think it’s because my life is full of years. 50 of them. And these 5o years are each filled with 360-odd days of learning.

In one particular area of my business I have to unlearn things quick. So I am watching and learning from people 20 years younger than me with nowhere near the experience. In many areas, they are achieving much more than I am.

Maybe they’re just better than me. Or maybe I have become so good at knowing about it that I am not that good at doing it .

Maybe I have to explore the idea that, just because I’ve done something for years, it doesn’t mean I’ve got better at it.

Take taxi drivers. They’re on the roads longer than any of us. And when it comes to actually driving – they’re shit.

Time for some serious unlearning, I think.

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  1. I think starting things or doing things fresh with learners mind is a good thing. It means we get to stay curious. I have an awful memory, which probably helps.

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