Said Baaghil is one of the world’s best known Brand Experts.

Particularly in the Middle East.

He’s better known as Unconventional Baaghil.

And he’s a thoroughly nice chap.


I have an opinion about brand.

It is that,

The thing with brand is that, it is just so simple.

It is so simple that even some of the greatest business minds don’t understand it.

I build on this by exploring how most business leaders overcomplicate brand.

So they brand is always sub-optimal.


Anyhow, I recently spoke about this on LinkedIn.

Baaghil saw it.


Asked me to appear on his global podcast.

And, later, invited me to join his global consultancy portal, TakeAnswers.


Unconventional thinking.

Attracts unconventional people.

And as a consequence.

Unconventional things happen to you.

Try it.

Throw your opinion out there.

Be brave.

Who knows what might happen?

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