Read this story here please:

So you can see a picture of the person I’m talking about.


Here we fucking go. 

This fella.

Talking just a few short hours after the bombing at the Manchester Evening News Arena on the 22nd of May 2017.

Look at his snarl.

Look at his skinhead.

I bet he can’t string a sentence together.

Probably pissed.

The anger!

The judging.

The poison he’s probably spouting about ‘bloody terrorists’.

Probably worse than that but you know what I mean.

And the attack is just one day old.

His fucking aggression and bile.

Probably spewing and spouting racist diatribe about ‘sending them back’.

And ‘closing the borders’.

And revenge.

Definitely revenge.

I’m imagining ‘beep’ after ‘beep’ added by the BBC as Emily Maitland interviews him.

I bet she was scared stiff, too.

I can hear it now.

His pig thick-venom.

No empathy.

Out of control.

Getting drawn in.

Thinking only of himself.


Shouting the unintelligent, dangerous claptrap that people like him always say.


Bloody typical.



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