I help businesses become brands. Because brand rich businesses – are rich businesses.

First, I stop businesses saying nothing. Here are two ways to say nothing in business:

  1. Say Nothing. The marketing is anodyne. I have no idea why they’re even telling me what they just told me, or indeed anybody. Immediately after I read it I feel pissed off that I gave a few seconds of my life to read such vacuous drivel. God it’s boring! And I remember… nothing.
  2. Say Everything. These businesses have no idea what to say. So they tell us that they are the leading, best, most experienced, best trained, most specialist, customer friendly, most accredited and complete solution provider of all. And I remember… nothing.

Here’s how to say everything, properly:

Isolate and codify the singular idea or concept that you must then come to own inside the mind of the prospect. Then integrate to become that brand. Then, work out the best ways for this brand to to sell these things, to these people, at this time.

Let me know if I can help you.

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