Perlenbacher is from Lidl.

It’s a non alcoholic lager.

It’s pictured here:

It costs £2.37 for 6 bottles.

So that’s 39 1/2p for each bottle.


With Perlenbacher.

There’s less of an aftertaste than Becks Blue.

It’s 13p a bottle cheaper.

It tastes nicer.

There are 70 calories in 1 bottle.

And I now have 1 to 3 bottles each night.


I sleep slightly less.

But better.

There is no nightly head-swim.

That familiar feeling after 2 or 3 bottles at (say) 5%.

I thought I’d miss that feeling.

I don’t.

And when I wake up in the morning I am far more alert than I used to be.



All of this is creating more room in my life.

And because I am not cramming that extra room with more work.

I am a much more relaxed person.




Two Things.


I’ve changed two things:

  1. I’ve dropped the amount of alcohol I drink by about 80%*.
  2. The extra ‘room’ that creates. I leave empty. To think. And relax. Even though I am actually more busy than I have been in years**.

Give it a go.

And the cost of exploring this route to a better life?


* ALCOHOL: When I drink alcohol on 1 or 2 nights a week now. I drink far less. And I don’t actually enjoy it as much. I am more discerning. And I mix in the non alcoholic drinks. Which I now prefer taste-wise to alcoholic lagers and IPA.

** EXTRA ROOM: You know what. If what you are doing matters.  And you are good at what you do. And the value of what you do is abundantly clear. Those people wanting what you do. They wait. Who knew?!


  1. Give Heineken Zero and Free Dam a try. I thought Heineken was the king of zero booze lagers until I tasted FreeDam. It’s great. Cheers.

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