I mentioned to a friend of mine recently.

That I will very often do my best work.

When I don’t know what I’m doing.

Two Me’s 

This is because.

I think.

There are Two Me’s.

The First Me.

The First Me knows what I know.

And the First Me will fish in this knowledge to get results.

This First Me lives in the world of the probable.

The Second Me.

The Second Me doesn’t know what I don’t know.

So the Second Me is carefree.

The Second Me neither knows nor cares how good or bad people think I am.

The Second Me just ‘does’.

This Second Me lives in the world of the possible.



I’m launching my new Brand Strategy offer in a few days.

Called ‘mychael’.

And if I can help you give me a shout.

At hello@mychael.co.uk.


And if you do get in touch.

Ask for the Second Me.

(He’s far less boring than the First Me).


  1. I think we all have a second me
    As a girl born and bred in Wales I seem to look for welsh words in all words

    My names Tanya can be broken down into 2 welsh words…

    Tan which means Fire
    Ya which means Ice

    Meet the second me FireIce

    I like your this ‘second me’ plan of yours!
    I’m looking forward to hearing more about it Mychael
    Happy Sunday

    • Thank you FireIce.

      I’ve started a few businesses.

      This is the first one named after me.

      I decided to do that because someone asked me what the new business was going to be about.

      And my answer was really short.

      I said, “me”.

      So here I am.


      Thank you FireIce.

      (I’ll respond to your other message to me too.

      Later today).


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