I think there are two kinds of vision (worth having) for founders.

1. Sniffy Vision. These visions appear suddenly and unannounced. But only if you’re subconsciously sniffing about, as they’re very often hidden. (Must make your heart beat faster. Or don’t bother).

2. Fighty Vision. Fighty Vision is the determination to realise the Sniffy Vision better than anybody else ever, ever could. It’s wide-eyed, eyebrows-down, teeth-clenched and growly.

When we moved into Old Post Office 4 years ago, a Sniffy Vision appeared. From nowhere. What if we turn this (too big) house into one house and two cottages?

Then came the Fighty Vision. The house faces the wrong way. Why and how will our holiday cottages be the most talked about brand in Northumberland? How will we create a 2 year wait list?

We’re on our way .

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