If you run a business.

There are two furious battles being fought.

The Business Battle.

And the Brand Battle.

And if you want to win big.

You need to win both.

The Business Battle.

To win the Business Battle you should be simple.

Great quality.

Relevant (now).


All the numbers need to stack up.

You need to be efficient too.

And you need to be doing something that you can do as well as.

(Or ideally better than).

Anyone else in the same space.

Oh; and whatever you are doing should be contributive.

It should also contribute to the greater good.

Because that’s what consumers increasingly expect.


And finally in the Business Battle.

The results of what you do should be crystal clear.



And engaging.

The Brand Battle.

The Brand Battle is quite different to the Business Battle.

And as such it requires an entirely different set of skills and experiences to maximise.

The Brand Battle is something that all businesses have to face.

But the Brand Battle is something that very few businesses know how to win.

Because of a lack of high level brand building knowledge.

And because very few have the commitment to see world class brand building through.


Put simply.

The Brand Battle is how well you connect.

It is looking outward.

Out into the hearts and minds of the consumer.

Then, it is creating better and more compelling perceptions around the business offer.

Perceptions that will really connect and resonate with all those that we want to buy you.

And buy into you.



Today more than ever.

Want to know what is important to you.

Because they want to check that what is important to you.

Is also important to them.

And this is a big part of winning the Brand Battle.

Brand Stories.

Then, once you have a great brand.

They want you to brand storytell brilliantly.

Because the best way to get people to be interested in you.

Is to be interesting.

Two Battles. 

So there you have it.

If you want to win big.

You have two battles to win.

And you’ll likely need two very different teams to win them.

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