When I was 30, I talked about retiring at 50.

Or 55.

Or something.

Because other people spoke about it and it felt like a club I should be part of. A badge of honour.

Now I am 50, retiring is the last thing I want to do. What the hell would I do every day?

Probably drink too much, spend too much money and get into trouble.


I have to be productive.

I cannot tell you how much of an unfathomable and unattractive concept retirement is now that I am actually 50.

Stick or Twist

All of that said, as I get older, big decisions are starting to feel even bigger. Because I am more aware that I am going to die. Probably between 1 and 30 years from now.

Lots of decisions feel like ‘Stick or Twist’.

And it’s quite unnerving.


When I was 45 I simplified my life by closing my businesses. I had money in the bank. Enough for me to do not very much for a few years if I wanted to. I chose ‘Stick’ for a moment in time.


I decided to ‘Twist’ two years later. I started a new business in a new world. And invested a chunk of money.


And at 50, it’s going well.

Stick or Twist Again.

As time goes by I am faced with yet more ‘Stick or Twist’ decisions.

I shouldn’t be surprised.

That’s what happens when you run businesses and I’ve ran a few.

Risks, or ‘Twists’, are part of the game.


However all of that said, I am finding that ‘Stick’ is a risk too, as well as Twist.

I’ve never known a ‘me’ that does nothing at all. I am always up to something.

I have almost always chosen ‘Twist’. So if I were to ‘Stick’ that’s just too scary for me. I don’t really understand ‘Stick’.

So, and I have very selfishly written this story for me of course, I now feel a little bit better about choosing ‘Twist’ all those years.


    • On silk? There is a Special Project sweater (knitting) project in the studio called Mr. Widestripe. A riff on the CANDY Socks. But we have to become better in the existing category of men’s accessories at Always Wear Red before shifting categories.

      What are thinking Shaughn?

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