When I was younger, in my teens, I used to pop out to the Video Shop.

It was normally some kind of a cobbled-together concession inside an off license. Or inside a general dealers.

Then ‘Blockbuster’ came along and it all seemed a little more glamorous.

But it was the same thing really.

I was popping out for a film to watch.


I remember, there was one line of text on a VHS box that always caught my eye. It was:

Based on a true story.

And the slightly less convincing (now I’m older I realise this):

Adapted from a true story.

I’m reminded how irresistible this idea is.


Now, in October 2018, the world is different. But I still think that, deep down, the magnetism of a true story is real.

Two things:

  1. Social Media allows us all, if we want to, to tell lies. To exaggerate or spin.
  2. Authenticity is as valued as it has ever been in business and in life.

For the first time, about 6 months ago, Instagram noticed more traction on their ‘Stories’ than their ‘Feed’.

It is no coincidence that Stories are much more authentic. And Feeds are much more doctored.


And so I suppose the question I am left with is, is the story that I am telling about my life:

  1. True.
  2. Based on a true story.
  3. Adapted from a true story.

It is very exposing to tell your true story.

But it is also irresistible to others. Because I want to learn about my life from your life. And the reverse applies, too.

And anyhow, if we lie we are not just lying to them out there are we? We are lying to ourselves, too.

So, and this is especially true as we get older, isn’t it about time we all started telling our true story?

That way, we all might stand a slightly better chance of learning from each other. Helping each other.

And all living happily ever after.

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