Alfie Joey is a North East based actor.








And probably more.

So yes.

Alfie Joey is a creative chap.

And I’ve met Alfie a couple of times.

So I know first hand that Alfie is an all-round good guy, too.



A few months ago now.

Alfie painted The Angel of the North.

He referenced the red colour he’d used in this particular one.

And he referencing me personally.

In a social media post because of my Always Wear Red brand.

I said I thought the paining was excellent.

And just last week.

Alfie was kind enough to sent it to me.

And here it is in my house:


I wanted to make a point about triggers.

Triggers are doing something that is the catalyst for something else to happen.

And this kind act from Alfie.

Was in fact the trigger for me to push forward on a couple of quite significant things in my life.

One was passing on a bit of kindness to two other people.

(And maybe they then passed on a bit of kindness to people that know too?)

And  another thing that Alfie triggered.

Rather more significantly, perhaps.

Is the fact that this gift from Alfie was the trigger for me moving house.


A wee bit of kindness every now and then.

Doing something nice just for the sake of it, I mean.

It can trigger things you may never know about.

And you may never be thanked, either.

But that’s not the point of being kind, is it?

The ‘thank you’ bit.

It’s for the sake of doing it.

So give it a go!

Who knows what you might trigger.

(And Alfie.

Thank you).

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