In business, people generally treat you how you treat them.

But what’s not so obvious is that, in business, people treat you how you treat yourself, too.

Old Post Office. 

Old Post Office is our two little holiday homes in Northumberland.

Both are so very carefully and precisely considered.

We treat the rooms and the whole experience with a lovely big helping of care and creativity.

And this has a very pleasant side effect.


Sometimes, when guests leave us, they apologise.

They apologise because they have not been able to return their little temporary home back to exactly how they found it.

This, of course, is not our expectation.

But how nice it is that many people seem to care as much about this thing created as we do.

Treat Yourself.

So it would seem that, in business, if you want customers to treat you with care and respect.

All you have to do is to treat them, and yourself that way – first.

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