I am torn.

Really, I am.

Fast Fashion.

Primark, Matalan and similar Fast Fashion brands cancelled 2.4 billion dollars worth of clothing orders from Bangladesh once the Covid-19 crisis began to accelerate.

The result?

Starving workers.

Starving families.

The solution?



Loststock will send you 3 or 4 pieces of clothing.

From the stockpile of (no longer) Matalan and Primark clothing.

In 4 to 6 weeks.

For £35.

And that.


Will feed a worker and their family for a week.

And if there is 2.4 billion dollars worth of orders sat there.

Then they can process around 6 million orders.


I’m torn though.

Because Primark and Matalan are the people that create the kind of clothing of which less than 20% are actually worn.

The kind of clothing that 70% of which becomes landfill within 3 years.

The kind of clothing that, amazingly, 30% of which never reaches the consumer anyway.

Because for some people.

Fashion moves faster than the clothing can.


So all I am hearing from Loststock.

Is a cry for help to mend a broken, broken business.

A business that.

Even when it is working as it is designed to work.

It is broken anyway.

And all I am hearing from Primark and Matalan.

Is that they are double-bastards.

Bastards because they really don’t care about the environment and care little about the consumer habits they were encouraging pre-covid 19.

And double bastards because they clearly care even less about their supply chain than we once thought.

The Future.

I don’t know what to do best for the future.

I am torn because a little bit of me feels like these bad behaving brands are sat there.

Arms crossed.

Whilst Loststock try to solve their problems for them.

I am torn because.

Whilst I feel compelled to help.

I really don’t want to buy the shit clothes that have been commissioned.

And I don’t want to build a bridge for the factories.

From where they are now.

To the other side of Covid-19.

So that Primark and Matalan can pick up from where they left oiff on 6 months time.

So yes.

I am torn.

Really, I am.

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