It is possible.

I think.

To care too much.

So much so in fact.

That you can start to actually feel that you care too much.

It starts to hurt.

It starts to take over.

Caring too much.

Gets too much.


For me.

In 2020.

I cared too much.

About too many things.

All at the same time.

I got myself worried about this thing.

And that thing.

I wanted to help this person.

And that person.

And very often I just couldn’t.

Either because the layered problems I cared about were just too big for any one person to solve.

Or because I was just too tired.

But whichever it was.

I started to actually feel that I cared too much.

It started to hurt.

It started to take over.

Caring too much.

Got too much.

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