I wanted to give you something nice. 

To say thank you for reading 50odd.co.uk.

So I had a good think.

To try and find a gift that was really, really valuable.

The Gift.

Even though I know some of you that read this, I don’t know all of you.

So it was quite hard to think of a gift that you’d all like and all value.

Something that would make every single one of you feel nice.

But I have done it.


Please watch this 36 second clip from a 2012 film called ‘Hit and Run’.

This is an entirely unremarkable film by all accounts.

Apart from this 36 seconds.

Because once you’ve watched this 36 seconds you will have received a really valuable gift.

It’s something that, weirdly, far too many of us forget about. We don’t look at it properly. Or calmly. Or lovingly.

If you want it to work really well, imagine that you are saying this to someone you love, or that they are saying it to you.

It’s the gift of…



  1. Karen Goldfinch Reply

    Thanks for posting Michael, needed that reminder. Today is a gift we all have, just sometimes need reminding!

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