Most of the Always Wear Red community are Generation X (35-50) or the Elastic Generation (50-69).

AWR talk a lot about brand purpose – the Creation of Confidence – and we tell our style story visually too. With images and film across social media.

Then, those that join us, join us.


I am aware that 80% of advertising budgets worldwide target 18 to 34’s.

Yet 80% of the UK’s wealth is controlled by people over 50.

This is very strange.

Because I think style is timeless and ageless.


For me and for Always Wear Red we’re nothing to do with fashion and everything to do with style.

That’s timeless.

Paul Weller (60), Nick Cave (61), David Byrne (66), Idris Elba (46), Tom Hardy (41), Lenny Kravatz (54) are creative pioneers.

They’re not ‘cool for their age’.

They’re just cool.

And even though AWR is menswear, we consider women like Tilda Swinton (57), Kate Moss (44), Kylie Minogue (50), Juliette Binoche (54) and Carine Roitfeld (64) as we design.

Such women would wear cool, classically designed, wonderfully made menswear in a heartbeat.


As we age we gain experience and wisdom.

We more easily recognise the extraordinary from the ordinary.

We learn our worth.

I have to remind myself that, as a brand, we don’t have to ‘persuade’ the stylish, the liberated and the pioneering to join us.

We just have to be stylish, amazing, different and classic, with a little edge.

Because our customer is like that too.



Image: Pete Zulu, original Lead Singer of The Toy Dolls. Wearing AWR Skinny Bandage Scarf (Red. 100% Merino wool).

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