Tim Stiefler interviewed George Tannenbaum and Cindy Gallop. And then asked to interview me.

So I thought he either hasn’t got a fucking clue.

(Mixing the likes of me in with those icons).

Or he’s confusing me with someone else.

Anyhow, it turns out that neither of these things is true.

And I learned these 2 things from podcasting with Tim.


1. 50odd, this blog that is read all over the world now, is helping me to reach and have my thinking explored alongside some of my heroes.

2. Tim is the most interesting and layered communicator I’ve met in ages.

And a contradiction.

Because he genuinely is producing for himself (and for his clients as well I’d imagine) some of the bravest, punch-in-the-face-memorable content I’ve seen.

Yet he is also humble, likeable, clever, calm, interested and interesting.

Here’s what happened.


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