Beware of Tigers.

Especially the Tigers in the theory I am about to introduce you to.

Because this Tigers theory is real.

Dominic Cummings.

Dominic Cummings knows that this Tigers theory is real.

And that’s one of the reasons  he’s so effective at what he does.

Dominic Cummings knows that because of the Tigers theory.

If there is a notion that may not actually be true.

And you want people to believe that it is true.

It is easier than you might imagine.


There’s this Chinese proverb.

About tigers.

It’s called ‘Three Men and a Tiger’.

The proverb basically states that people will believe something.

Even if it is something quite fantastical.

If enough people tell them that the something is true.

Here’s how it works.

If one person tells you there’s a tiger roaming around your neighbourhood.

You can assume they’re lying.

If two people tell you.

You begin to wonder.

If three say that there’s a tiger roaming around your neighbourhood.

You’re convinced that there’s a tiger roaming around your neighbourhood.

And you begin to panic.

Three Men and a Tiger.

Now; even though I can see how this works.

I reckon I’d still fall for it.

Even though I can see that this odd kind of truth is actually being manufactured.

I might still bite.

And stranger still.

I can sense that I am actually exploring the difference between something being true.

And something feeling true.

When if all I am actually interested in is the truth.

I can forget about how something feels.

Because a thing is either true.

Or it’s not.

A warning. 

So there we go.

A warning for us all.

If we really do what to know if something is true.

Or not true.

Stick to the facts.

Because how information actually feels.

Is irrelevant.

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