It’s taken me a good while.

To finally do what all good brands should do.

It’s taken me a good while to capture exactly what the Always Wear Red brand is about.

In one, 15 second read.

New Chapter.

And as I move into a new chapter next week.

With a new website launching in a few days.

This is useful for me.

My 15 second read is called:

This Upside Down Life.

And here it is.

This Upside Down Life.

How strange it is.

This Upside-Down Life.

That so little of our time is spent with those who matter most.

Doing what matters most.

And that the seduction of work so very often prevents us from gifting ourselves the permission to pause.

Always Wear Red is for your downtime.

We are hand knits that hug you.

Self-care you wear.

And a reminder that in this short, 1000 month visit, ‘you time’ is not something to shoehorn into life.

‘You time’ is life.

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