(If you didn’t know already).

It all started with a conversation.


Me: So; what is it then?

Them: What’s what?

Me: What’s the thing you feel you were born to do?

Them: What do you mean?

Me: You know. What’s your ‘thing’?

Them: (Eyes widen. Arms open. Back straightens. They smile): Aah! My ‘thing’. Well… then they tell me.

Me: Wow! So why aren’t you doing it then?

Them: I’m waiting.

Me: You’re waiting?

Them: Yes. I’m waiting. To do what I feel I was born to do. I’m waiting.

Me: What are you waiting for?

Them: I don’t know.

Me: (silence).

Them: (silence).

Me: (sniff).

Them: (silence).



If ‘you’.

Are like ‘them’.

Playing the waiting game.

Wake up.

Because this is not a game.

This is your life.

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