I’m lucky enough to write copy for a handful of brands around the world.

It never starts with writing, though. Not with me as copywriter or ad writer. It always starts with pausing and thinking and investing.

This is because it’s impossible to write clearly and compellingly, if you don’t think clearly and compellingly.

So before we move into copywriting or any kind of communications – we get the thinking right. More specifically, we get the brand right.

This means (and this is the key bit…) honing the brand so it’s simple, differentiated, distinctive, memorable, compelling,  motivating – and owned.*

(That’s my work as Brand Director, by the way. Getting all of that right. Before we write a thing).

By doing this ‘honing’ bit, we optimise the chances of being noticed, remembered and chosen.

And if you don’t do the honing bit – you’re just part of the noise.

So it’s pause, think and invest first. Then write.

*This is a seriously important and useful checklist, by the way. Not some arbitrary sentence.

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