It went something like this:

Me: So, are you going to write a great, helpful little digital book? I don’t like thinking of you playing that bloody cold-call numbers game. They hate it. You hate it. You’re better than that.

She: What a lovely message! But would anyone read it?! What’s a digital book?

Me: They’d read it. Model it on mine. Set a deadline. 8 weeks? A million people read mine. (It’s pinned to the top off my LinkedIn profile).

She: Thank you. But I’ve never written anything great.

Me: There was a time when even the greatest writer had never written anything great.

She: Can I send it to you first? Can I ask questions along the way?

Me: No. You don’t need that. If you really want to do it, start. 8 weeks. It’s the calling card for the future you. ‘Happy to read a final draft

She: Something (lovely) about liking a challenge and being inspired.

I’ll post it here if she does (or you do/have).

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