Most people.

Are most happy.

At the start of their lives.

And at the end of their lives.

So if you plot this phenomenon on a graph.

A graph where the y-axis (the vertical axis) tracks happiness.

And the x-axis (the horizontal axis) tracks time.

We, ironically, end up with a smile shape.

An unhappy smile.

The Unhappy Smile.

When we are young we are carefree.




Wide-eyed, energetic and confident.

And when we are older we become increasingly aware that this life of ours is a mere visit.

That our days are in limited supply.

That days with people and projects we care about don’t go on forever.

So we embrace the days more.

We open our eyes in the morning.

Grateful that we opened our eyes in the morning.



It’d seem to me.

That if we can remember, imagine or re-imagine the freedom of childlike thinking.

Then layer that with an increasing awareness that we are just visiting.

And the focus that this can bring.

We can be happier.

And – just this once.

Wiping the smile from the face of something.

Is a good thing.

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