As I’ve overheard people say about me in the past.

I’m a bit of a Wonka.

At least.

I think that’s what I’ve overheard them say.

Willy Wonka.

I assume they know I am a Willy Wonka fan.

And that Izobel and I watch the movie a lot.

The Gene Wilder version.



It’s a warming movie.

A film filled with unforgettable images.



And funny.

Beautifully odd and outrageous too.

And all of that is what makes it so memorable.


Roald Dahl is a genius of course.

As is Gene Wilder.

So that helps.

The Test.


As we find out at the end.

The movie is a test.

It is a test of character for the five Golden Ticket winners.

A test of how good they are.

Augustus Gloop.

Veruca Salt.

Violet Beauregarde.

Mike Teevee.

And Charlie Bucket.

It is a test to see who behaves themselves in the Chocolate Factory.

And it is a test to see if any of the children steal the Everlasting Gobstopper.

As requested by Arthur Slugworth.

An (apparent) rival chocolatier to Mr. Wonka.




At a very testing time.

Still decides to do the right thing.

And hand back his Everlasting Gobstopper to Willy Wonka.

So Charlie wins.

As Roald Dahl’s words reveal.

Borrowed from Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice.

And delivered uniquely and brilliantly by Gene Wilder.

So shines a good deed in a weary world.

Do The Right Thing.

How nice!

And worth remembering.

Because just like Charlie.

We generally know the right thing to do.

All we have to do.

If we want to pass the test, that is.

Is to do it.

Here’s a brilliant 3 minute clip:

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