I was sad when the queen died.

I’m kinda indifferent about the Royal Family, as it goes.

But as with all nice(ish) people.

I don’t welcome sadness or sad events.

The Queen is Dead.

There’s an obvious, 30-year-old Smiths reference.

And I did smile wryly at two consecutive comments that I saw on some online forum or other this week.

The first comment was:

“How poignant that Morrissey. 

Over 30 years ago. 

Was able to predict this week’s albeit very sad events. 

‘Quite the Nostradamus.”

The second comment:

“Yes but Morrissey doesn’t always get it right, does he?

‘There is a Light that Never Goes Out’ is on the same album. 

And with the cost of fucking electricity that will clearly be proven a load of old bollocks this winter.”


How sweet.

Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CS7wF2E9-GQ.

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