I was most selfish in my thirties.

Not nasty selfish.

Focused selfish.


It was a raw selfishness.

A selfishness that led to neglected siblings.

Neglected friends.

A neglected mother.

Neglected relationships.

And probably more besides.


I was achieving, you see.

I was growing my first proper businesses.

I was afraid of failing.

And because I was doing a whole load of things for the first time.

Simple things took longer.

So to get the results I wanted.

I had to work harder.

Harder than I’d have to do now to get the same results

Because I have more experience now.

But I was young back then.

And inexperienced.

The Selfish Thirties. 

I see this now.

A mirror of me.

How I was.

I see it in people in their twenties occasionally.

And in their thirties much more often.

The Selfish Thirties.

And I just wanted to say that it may be worth pausing from time to time.

If you sense that this is you.

Or if you sense that this is someone you know.

Because The Selfish Thirties.

Like all decades.

They fly by

And I actually don’t think that selfishness or success are an either-or choice.

I think you can have both.

So check yourself.

Check your siblings.

Check your friends.

Check your parents.

Check your relationships.

Then check yourself.

Because The Selfish Thirties are real.

And they needn’t be.

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