Last week.

I sat alongside the superb team behind one of the most significant historical destinations in England.

I watched their faces.

As we thought together.

Planned together.

And laughter together.

Determined to redouble visitor numbers.

On the back of their beautiful offer.

And a better-told story.

Two days after that.

Miles from home.

I sat alongside the founder of a 25 year old software business.

I watched his face, too.

I watched his eyes flicker.


Then left.

Then right again.

As we excavated.


Unearthing answers that would lead us toward category leadership.

And a more valuable brand.


Two days after that.

On Saturday.

It was Izobel’s face I watched.

I watched Izobel’s face as she concentrated on two brown paper tubes of sugar.

Sat tight in her fist.

I watched her face as she fought to tear the top from both of them.

And I watched as more sugar than I really wanted.

Tumbled into my flat white.

Two Sugars.

That Saturday.

As I sat with Izobel.

My work life paused.

I was reminded that the extraordinary journeys I go on each week.

All lead back to the ordinary moments I spend with my 3 year old Izobel.

And I was also reminded that.

Whilst I love these extraordinary businesses.

I love my ordinary days with Izobel even more.

I even loved the two sugars.

The two sugars that my 3 year old daughter worked so hard to dispense for me.

When in actual fact.

I only take one.



The right ordinary, mind.

It’s why we do it.

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